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Like sapphire clouds that in silence  
Slide behind turquoise mountains
Under a sky dressed of blue,
Expanding endless ticking
As the roses in the rain
And the gardens with seven colours
That arched the sky
From pot of gold to pot of gold.
As early risers sprays
In the skin of the leaves
That to the young day its arms open
Above Emerald tapestries
It resembles snow fair
On the heights of the peaks and the bald eagle
That as a tigress protecting her kids
Is not she like the belly of the sea
Of my island?
Here's the barefoot woman.

A pure lineage of Penelope
Although the suit Eva wears.  
Falls not in the hands of someone else’s Adam. .
A piano only for its pianist
To be in a unique setting
Spring from her heart the arrows of
And the halo of Nefertiti holds.
In the throne of Mary sits
And taking Sarai as a guide.
The gems of Helen exceeds
More songs than the one
Who Solomon sang receive.
To Esther resembles and courage
Of Vashti surpasses!
Here's the barefoot woman.

A bead of golden pearls made,  
A castle of gold and gems rose.
Exotic ebony house hold.  
Palace wax floors,
Mother of all at home,
Even of her husband.
An emotional medicine and spiritual spring
Steel strand forming each portion
Its nest.
An oasis in the desert;
Manna for the hungry,
Compass when in the middle of the sea
One is lost.
Youth exhilarating to the soul.
Little girl all flowers and every flower

Breath to the gentleman when falls
And believes is lost;
The candor to know that in her heart
One has been allowed.
Light in the tunnel of darkness,
Bridge to cross the murky waters.
With Love offers to her child the breast
And everything she touches is perched happily;
It's like the forgiveness that Jesus taught
And the shield against any threat.
With her soles cleans the floor and
Purifies it.
Loving tears from her eyes splash.
Affectionate is and enduring as diamonds are,
Here's the barefoot woman.

Like the rain in autumn or winter
The joy that can not perish.
The fragrance of the pines spread on her skin
And the taste of apples with honey.
Oh, how wonderful her footprints
In the sand are,
And her touch every soothing!
Her kisses are cascades of grapes with waters of mint,  
And her gestures ornaments that everything complements.
As the waves come and go
Because they are free,
Or the strings resting on the fretboard.
It is the bottle with the beautiful message inside,
And the angel who is superior to demons.
The teacher who brings good lessons at good time,
Here's the barefoot woman.

Inspires more to the bards than the moon itself,
Brighter than any prism.
Free Dove, loyal and unique as root
To the stem.
Ballerina dancing on the Articallo skin,
Or a poem of nature in its highest
Hare in the pampas full colouring.
It is poetry to the sea and land
That touch,
And butterflies flowers evoke.
Her voice is the song of the nightingale waking
And her steps the swan pond called.
Like pheasant’s feathers, the peacock
And the bird of paradise,
Blazon on top displaying its golden hose,
Here's the barefoot woman.

It is the flower that germinates under the tears of
To give the hummingbird juice,
And the grass with their health to animals
Prairie feeds.
As the green lady that with her locks
My Puerto Plata dresses,
And as the Cancerian sea that to her coasts  
With kisses and cuddles bathes.
It is the path that the argent moon  
O’er the waters of the ocean at night
And the glass serpents the valleys
And agriculture with the blessing of God
Diadem of stars that purely her head
Here's the barefoot woman.

The door of  St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna
Facade of the cathedral’s obradoiro  
Of Santiago de Compostela in the rain;
The monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial
Seen from the back of a giant.
The Alhambra Palace in times of snow
And loneliness.
Pearl unequalled from the mountain
The skin of Aconcagua in all its proportions.
As the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel
Here's the barefoot woman.

Like the sea that bathes the four princesses
Of Europe,
And the southern waterfall that in brotherhood
Argentina and Brazil joins.
It's like that mountain range
That Europe to the skin of the sky joins,  
Or the mother who lovingly embraces all
From Tierra del Fuego to the West Indies.
Reminds me of the water that irrigates
The feet of the beautiful mother Russia
And the splendid hair on the shoulders
Of queens of  China, India and Nepal.
As the solemn hymn of my country,
Here's the barefoot woman.

The Immaculate Conception in flesh and bones
Of Murillo,  
The Helena Fourment with her children
In my eyes,
Or like the Virgin of Goldfinch from the brush of Raphael.
It's like the naked Venus that in the mirror
Looks at herself;
Golden Amazon, owner of all forests
Of my heart.
Seeing her is watch the Winter Landscapes of Brueghel
Or the cathedrals of Burgos and Canterbury,
Or the Loire Valley castles,
Here's the barefoot woman.

Acquire her eyes grace of a butterfly
With wings of gold and other gems,
And her lips passivity of thought
Among the dews of the morning.
Her hair of Angora by rain
Fainted falling on her face
And shoulders.
She is the hands that caress the air
And yield wax cocoons in the soils
The sky.  
Her body is a sculpture of beauty
As the universe,
By robe covered similar to sea.
Her hands are angel wings
When uploading to Paradise
And her feet sumptuously higher Roses,
Here's the barefoot woman.

Possessing palms that heal
Until the wounds of the soul,
And trunk shaped guitar,
Do the pearls of nature to the ground
The soles kiss the blessed land
With the grace of Highness,
Bringing health to her home for her absence
Seeing her walk from here to there
It's like watching the progress of the clouds
From Tibet,
And listening her laugh is hearing music
Of campestral Nature,
To my kisses, the bed is her belly,
Oh barefoot woman!

Childishly her mere presence turns me crazy
As a mother to her cubs.
Her movements similar to snakes,
But with intentions as the sky
To the sea.
Observe her dust covered soles
Is for me as pure as birth
Of a flower.
Her kisses feel when tired from work
I go out,
It's like feel that I am born again,  
And watch her body even with water Rugs
It's like watching two: sunrise and sunset,
And when voluptuous dance
Wearing the suit of a violet,
You see the rhythmic dance of the leaves
In their treetops.
So you are, oh barefoot woman!

She stands out gallantly
From others
Like a pelargonium on the grass.
It breaks my drum of beats her cries
Of pain,
And want to console her like air
The living beings consoles,
And leaving her, oh misery!,
It's like abandoning my heart
In the desert.
I have her by my side all the time
As eyelashes eyelids want.
Her absence would be the death of my happiness
As autumn leaves perish.
Where else you'll find riches
As those with her grace?
Like a flag for its nation is,
So you are to me, barefoot woman!

And I sing from above,
On the top of the old fortress ruins
In Puerto Plata,
For my voice heard,
Wind-driven and silence!
Because you deserve each dictions
Here sung,
And, as the smell is for a rose,
And reefs are for the sea,
These words are for you,
Not for thy beauty as Venus,
Who owns the angles of the sky,
But for the angel in your heart
And the Spirit of good mother
God has given you,
Strong and firm, and unflagging
as mountain
Oh barefoot woman!
English translation of my poem La Mujer Descalza, originally written in 1999, and due to friends requests I turned it into english, to be comprehended. In the spaninsh original version I add the image of Roxane's bare sole, but here I prefered to use Natalia's dirty sole. As english is not my mother tongue, I tried to do my best to translate it from spanish, wich is, in many cases, difficult due the lost of rhymes and metaphors I use in spanish langage. 
Any sugestion will be accepted. Hope you like it.

On the photo: Natalia's sole.
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Really?? Thank you very much, I thought it wouldn't do fine.
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